Frog-Mania Summer Workshop – Thursday 3 August 2023



Thursday 3 August 2023

Get ready for a hopping good time at our 3.5-hour drop-off summer workshop, perfect for kids from 8 years old. Join us for an exciting adventure in clay and painting, where your young artists will create two fabulous frog-inspired projects.

First, they’ll dive into the world of pottery as they shape and mold a clay pot to look like a cute and whimsical frog. They’ll use their imaginations to bring their froggy friend to life, adding details and unique features to make it truly their own.

Next, it’s time to create a froggy trinket tray, perfect for storing jewellery or small keepsakes. They’ll carefully paint and decorate the tray to resemble a frog sitting on a lily pad, bringing their own creative touch to every brushstroke.

To keep their energy levels up, we’ll provide them with a drink and a snack and will guide them every step of the way, providing support and inspiration to help them bring their froggy creations to life.

Don’t miss out on the froggy fun! Sign up your young artists today and watch as they hop into the world of clay and painting, creating their own delightful froggy masterpieces.

Suitable for everyone from 8 years old

  • £40 per session per child
  • Suitable for ages 8 and above
  • 3.5 hrs drop-off session
  • Session includes drinks and a snack
  • 8 people maximum per session
  • 2 projects per session
  • Drop off at 1030am
  • Collect at 2pm

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