Baby Prints

Capture that special moment in time by creating painted ceramics.



Printed hand and foot prints can be made on a great selection of bisque.  You can either choose to decorate as many items yourself for the cost of a studio fee. Alternatively you can commission Happy Glaze to write a message, name or decorate the items for you for £6 per item.



Please note that babies under 1 year are recommended to create footprints and not hand prints.


If you’d like to book a session for a large group, please get in touch as we’d be delighted to host your event. We generally like to reduce the number of prams in the studio as lack of space is an issue, so the more notice provided the better!

Inspiration for your keepsakes

Hand and foot prints make excellent Father’s Day, Christmas and Christening gifts. We have tiles, plates, mugs and teapots to name a few, all of which work well to capture that special print as a keepsake.



When you visit the studio, we are more than happy to assist in taking the print and give you lots of encouragement and advice for writing names and dates and messsage as well as embelishing with your own design.