Uniformed Groups

We love hosting uniformed groups here at Happy Glaze. Our studio seats a maximum number of 28 people which should include painters and helpers.  If your group is larger, we are happy to visit you in your usual meeting place with all the equipment.  We can tailor your session to a particular theme or seasonal event and can give you options and suggestions depending on your numbers and budget.


If your group meets on a Wednesday or Thursday evening we will need to cancel our usual Adult Only Session, which runs from 630pm to 830pm. Please give as much notice as these evenings are sometimes booked up well in advance.  If your group usually meets on any other weekday evening, we can usually accommodate you, so get in touch.

Adult Gatherings

Our studio holds a maximum of 28 painters. We do not allow non-painters at these events. For exclusive use of the studio, we have a minimum charge of £350.00.  This covers the £6 studio fee per person plus the item to paint.  Therefore if you have 20 painters, they will need to choose an item worth £11.50 or more. 


You will need to choose a 2 hour session time starting at 1030am, 1pm, 330pm or 630pm depending on our opening days.  We are sometimes able to accommodate alternative times depending on the day.


We only allow alcohol to be brought in if there are no children present.  We do not allow any hot food in the studio, but small snacks can be consumed.  Please bear in mind that this is an activity, not a party and 2 hours goes very quickly so the focus should be on the painting.

Send an enquiry

Please check our cancellation policy.  If the number of people is 10 or less, please book a table via our booking system.