After, what feels like the longest month of the year, welcome to February!  The month of romance and the promise of spring around the corner.  It’s a great month to continue with those good intentions made in January, so look after yourself, be creative and love!

Design Inspiration

Our shibori design takes it’s inspiration from tie dyed fabric.  We love to use our darkest blue for this design.  It’s so simple to create such a striking design and we even have ahow-to-sheet which you can follow.

What could I paint?

Our super cute Sloth Planter not only holds small plants, it also makes for a great gift… or can even just be a lovely way to hold various materials. The possibilities are endless!

Colour of the month

Meet Pinkie-Swear, our number 14.  We think it’s the perfect pink to make promises with!

What technique could I try?

Creating bubbles is such a lot of fun!  We mix your chosen colour with water and washing up liquid.  You’ll then use a straw and blow a mass of bubbles all over your piece.  Darker colours work best and they create the most striking designs.

New to Happy Glaze?

If this is your first visit to Happy Glaze, check out the most frequently asked questions below.  Do get in touch if you have any other queries, we’d love to help!

Please don’t arrive any earlier than 5 minutes before your session time.  If you are early, please don’t be offended if we ask you to wait outside as we need the time in between sessions to reset the tables and clean.  We want to ensure you have all you need for your visit.

If you’re coming from Epsom high street, Waterloo Road is down the hill from the station, under the bridge.  

The parking outside the studio is restricted to 20 minutes, which is great for dropping off or picking up.  The nearest paying car park is at the Ebbisham Centre.  Although you may get lucky in finding free parking in the streets around the studio!

Please don’t bring any hot food into the studio as the smell is off putting for other customers.  We sell tea, coffee and soft drinks, but free free to bring your own.  Please limit food to quick snacks that aren’t greasy as touching bisque after you eat can cause problems with the glaze.

Alcohol can only be consumed during our adult only sessions. 

If you need to rearrange, add or reduce the number of people attending your booking, please call the studio on 01372 742244.

Sorry, only children over 14 are allowed without an adult.  Our insurance doesn’t allow for any child under 14 to be left without an adult of 18 years or over.