Animal Print Set of Pots
Thursday 25 April 2024


Thursday 25 April 2024
7pm until 9pm

Animal print set of pots

Decorate this lovely set of organic shaped pots in a variety of aimal prints of your choice.  We have a great selection of step-by-step designs to choose from, including peacock, tiger, zebra, tortoise etc.,  You’ll be able to choose your favourite 3 to paint onto your pot set.  These pots make great pen pots as well as vases.

A glass of prosecco and nibbles will be provided.

If you are booking as part of a group, please include the name of anyone you wish to sit with.

Please ensure you are able to attend on the date as we do not offer refunds for cancellations on our workshops, adult masterclasses or any pre-paid activity unless the cancellation is made by email with at least 7 days’ prior advance notice.

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