Birthday Gatherings

We’d be delighted to host a birthday gathering here at our studio.  Our biggest table seats 10, which needs to include one adult, who doesn’t need to paint if they don’t want to.   You’ll need to book a regular table during one of our regular session times.  Your guests will then choose their item to paint from our shelves.  We can only allow 1 non-painting supervising adult at the table.   

Please note that we cannot allow any food, including cake to be brought into the studio. We do offer carton drinks at £1 each and have Nakd bars or Bear Yoyo and Fruit snacks for sale at £1 each.

A Harry Potter Party is always magical
Our Animal-tastic range is very popular
Functional is great for older kids
Initial letters are very popular
Triangular pizza plates are fun!
Vinyl stickers add a professional touch

Studio Sessions

We charge a £6 studio fee per painter, and our bisque range between £10 – £15 is very popular for birthday gatherings.   Our studio staff are on hand to help the guests choose their pieces within the price range specified.  

Please bear in mind that generally the smaller the item, the less time it will take, so we suggest a maximum time of 1.5 hours for smaller items.   I’m sure you’ll appreciate that space is limited and we are unable to allow the children to get up and wander around!  Please call the studio and we’d be happy to advise when to tell the parents to collect if you’re unsure.

Please note that you are unable to bring cake or food during the session.

Paint-at-home Parties

If you’d rather hold your birthday party in your own home or venue, we offer takeaway boxes for a charge of £30 for the first 6 painters, plus £3 per additional.  

Each takeaway box contains 15 coloured paints, enough brushes, palettes, sponges and a few stickers as well as a few pots of sparkle paint.  There’s also a useful tip sheet which contains the same advice we give painters in the studio. 


To book a paint at home birthday box, please call the studio to arrange.  


You’ll need to visit the studio before the collection date in order to choose your pottery.