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Shibori Design


This design uses coats of watered down underglaze (washes) to build up layers of colour and texture utilising vertical lines, dots and mark. The more layers, the darker the colour. This pattern needs to look a little random, and organic.  There’s no real ‘mistakes’ with this design.

You can also view an inspiration sheet here showing different designs you could utilise, combinations of dots, vertical stripes and dashes. For this example, we have used 24 – Moody Blue

  • Make up a few different consistencies of ‘wash’. You’ll need around 2 or 3 mixes of water and paint.
  • Mixes should be different combinations of water and paint, to get the layered effect and darkness of colour. The more water you use, the lighter the blue will be and look ‘washed’.
  • Use wide and thin strokes, in differing widths.
  • Only use one coat of watery paint as you’ll be adding layers to create darker strokes
  • Using the back of a paintbrush, add dots to random vertical strips.
  • Add additional layers of watered down paint on top of the existing washed strips
  • When all the paint dots and lines are dry, carefully give the whole design another wash over the top. This will knock back the colours so they resemble fabric.

Suggested bisque include kitchenware such as salt & pepper shakers and canisters.  This design would also work well on the rim of plate.

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