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Daisies in Grass


Building up layers of greens to create grass is a great technique and works well against the crisp clean daisies. We love this striking design.

You can also view an printable sheet here which can be folded in half.  The daisies can then be cut out carefully.

For this example, we have used

1 – Cotton Tail
6 – Dandelion
19 – Purple Haze
27 – Sour Apple
30 – Leapin’ Lizard
31 – Just Froggy

  • Paint the whole area with white paint 1 (Cotton Tail). This is the base to which the paper flowers will stick.
  • There’s a printable sheet of daisies you can use here. You’ll need to them out carefully.
  • Next work out where you want to position the daisies and use water to stick down the paper shapes to the item. Press down to ensure a close contact. Do not rub the paper.
  • Water down the paint by adding a couple of brushloads of water to 27 (Sour Apple) and 30 (Leapin’ Lizard). Use the large flat brush to paint large, sweeping strokes all over the bowl. Ensure that you paint over each flower.
  • Next using the small round brush, paint short strokes in 31 (Just Froggy), 27 (Sour Apple) and 30 (Leapin’ Lizard) all over the bowl.
  • Peel off the flower heads using a pin.
  • Add a daisy centre to each of the flowers using 6 (Dandelion).
  • Using 1 (Cotton Tail) and 19 (Purple Haze), add long strokes to the petals to give some colour, depth and texture to the petals. The idea is to paint thin strokes from the centre of the flower, to create a shadow on some of the petals.

Suggested bisque include tableware such as bowls and plates.  This design would also work well on plant pots.

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