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English Strawberries


This design delicate design creates a cute strawberry pattern all over your bisque.  Adding flicks gives the design an aged look, and dots in between the berries gives it a modern look.

For this example, we have used

3 – Rawhide
10 – Candy Apple Red
15 – Pink-a-Boo
33 – Camel Back
31 – Just Froggy
36 – Tuxedo

  • First cover the whole area in three layers of 3 (Rawhide).
  • With a toothbrush, flick gently all over the cream with 33 (Camel Back).
  • Paint in your strawberries using a combination of 15 (Pink-a-Boo) and 10 (Candy Apple Red). When you’re painting the strawberry shape, think flat bottomed hearts. It may help to draw a few on a piece of paper before painting.
  • Paint half the strawberry in 15 (Pink-a-Boo) and the other half in 10 (Candy Apple Red) and blend together where they meet. Build up layers of each colour and blend together.
  • Add the stalks using 31 (Just Froggy).
  • Add a few delicate seeds in 36 (Tuxedo) to each strawberry.
Suggested bisque include larger kitchenware items like jugs and vases.  This design would also work well on serving dishes.

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