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Koi Carp


This technique simplifies a stunning design of Koi Carp by breaking it down into easy steps.  There’s no drawing needed, simply follow the steps and use our templates.

You can also view an inspiration sheet here showing different designs you could utilise, combinations of dots, vertical stripes and dashes.

For this example, we have used

1 – Cotton Tail
8 – Orange-a-Peel
22 – Blue Isle
36 – Tuxedo


  • Paint the whole area with white paint 1 (Cotton Tail). This is the base to which the paper fish will stick.
  • We have a printable sheet you can use for the shape of the fish here.
  • Next work out where you want to position the fish and use water to stick down the paper shapes to the item. Press down to ensure a close contact. Do not rub the paper.
  • Paint the whole shape in three layers of 22 (Blue Isle).
  • Using a pin, peel off the fish.
  • Paint interesting blobs and shapes in 8 (Orange-a-Peel) on each fish and black 36 (Tuxedo). Try to do a random pattern on each.  Look at the inspiration sheet above for help.
  • Using a cocktail stick, scratch in bubbles, solid circles and wave lines.

Suggested bisque include flat surface items of kitchenware such as plates or pots  This design would also work well on a vase or wine cooler.

And if you love this design, why not try our Project Pack? Take a look here