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This technique creates a lovely blended rainbow design on your bisque using our rainbow colours.

For this example, we have used:

6 – Dandelion
8 – Orange-a-Peel
10 – Candy Apple Red
30 – Leapin’ Lizard
23 – The Blues
19 – Purple Haze

  • Make up a few different consistencies of ‘wash’. Use wide and thin strokes, in differing widths and paint vertical lines around your pot.  Only use one coat of watery paint as you’ll be adding layers to create darker strokes.
  • Using the back of a paintbrush, add dots to random vertical strips. Add additional layers of watered down paint in thin and thick strips on top of the existing washed strips.
  • Once you’re happy with the number of layers, dots and dashes you’ve added, paint the rim of the pot using layers of small short strokes.
  • When all the paint dots and lines are dry, carefully give the whole design another wash over the top.  This will knock back the colours so they resemble fabric. Don’t paint a few of the white strips, so they remain white.
Suggested bisque include mugs, pots, vases and letters.