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This design is one of our most popular designs in the studio.  Using sponges and a toothbrush you can create a galaxy design which is simply out of this world!

For this example, we have used:

1 – Cotton Tail
17 – Grapel
21 – My Blue Heaven
24 – Moody Blue
36 -Tuxedo

  • First mark out the areas of the nebula. These can be long streaks or circular. You need to make them big enough to contain 3 different colours – sometimes it’s easier to draw each section as a separate segment.
  • Using a small round sponge, sponge the 36 (Tuxedo) in between the nebula. Cover all the ‘space’ areas so you’re just left with the nebula shapes.
  • Sponge 24 (Moody Blue) inside each nebula where it touches the black – try to overlap the black a little. Sponge 17 (Grapel) and then 21 (My Blue Heaven) into the middle segment. The light blue should be the centre of the nebula. Overlap each colour to blend.
  • Using a toothbrush, flick 1 (Cotton Tail) all over the item to create white stars. The harder you flick the more streaky the stars will look, and the softer, nearer you are they will look like small dots.
Suggested bisque include absolutely everything! We’ve had this design created on anything from the usual mug and plates to hippos and the tummy of an owl. And if you love this design, why not try our Project Pack? Take a look here