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Leopard Print


To achieve this design, you’ll need to decide on background colour and three stronger colours for the pattern. We’ve used a cream, dark and light brown and black to create our sample, but for something a little different, try using pinks or purples.

You can also view an inspiration sheet here showing different designs you could utilise, combinations of dots, vertical stripes and dashes. For this example, we have used

3 – Rawhide
32 – Crackerjack
33 – Camel Back
36 – Tuxedo

  • To start, paint the whole area in two layers of 3 (Rawhide). This will form the base of the design, so try to paint even coats.
  • Using 32 (Crackerjack), add random blobs all over the piece. Have a look at the pattern and layout sheet here for inspiration.
  • Using 33 (Camel Back) add smaller long and short blobs to opposite sides of the lighter brown blobs.
  • Finally using 36 (Tuxedo), add an additional mark to each of the blobs.

Suggested bisque include tableware such as bowls and mugs. This design would also look good on ceramic letter, spelling initials or words.

And if you love this design, why not try our Project Pack? Take a look here