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Dreamy Sky


This design will give you a colourful dreamy sky on which white fluffy clouds float by!  

For this example, we have used:

1 – Cotton Tail
6 – Dandelion
7 – Jack-o-Lantern
15 – Pink-a-Boo
17 – Grapel
19 – Purple Haze

  • First you’ll need to split your bisque item into 5 sections vertically. This will dictate where each of the 5 colours will be painted and blended.
  • Starting with 6 (Dandelion) at the bottom, use long wide strokes and blend into 15 (Pink-a-Boo). Blend together where they meet with 7 (Jack-O-Lantern), then 17 (Grapel) and finally 19 (Purple Haze).
  • Once these layers are dry, use 1 (Cotton Tail) to paint wispy clouds. Remember that the thicker the layer of white paint you put on, the more it will be seen.
Suggested bisque include mugs, pots and letters.  This design would also work well on the rim of plate.