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This striking, repeating pattern can be positioned in many ways to create a great modern design.  Using paper resist and the sgraffito technique, it’s a great design and works well in many colour ways.

You can also view the printable sheet here. We have also put together a step-by-step guide to creating the zebra heads using the sgraffito technique, take a look here.

For this example, we have used

1 – Cotton Tail
17 – Grapel
36- Tuxedo

  • Firstly paint the whole area with white paint 1 (Cotton Tail). This is the base to which the zebra heads will stick.
  • There are several shaped sheets of zebra you can print here which you will need to cut out.
  • Next work out where you want to position the zebras and use water to stick down the paper shapes to the item. Press down to ensure a close contact. Do not rub the paper.
  • Paint the whole shape in three layers of 17 (Grapel).
  • Using a pin, peel off the zebras.
  • Once the purple paint is dry, fill in the zebra heads using back paint 36 (Tuxedo).
  • Using a cocktail stick, draw the markings and scratch away the black paint to reveal the white underneath.
Suggested bisque include kitchenware such as salt & pepper shakers and canisters.  This design would also work well on the rim of plate. And if you love this design, why not try our Project Pack? Take a look here