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Who doesn’t want pottery covered in lips? We love the fun element to this design and can see it working in many different colour combinations.

For this example, we have used

1 – Cotton Tail
15 – Pink-a-Boo
10 – Candy Apple Red
12 – Cinnamon Stix

      • Draw simple lip shapes onto paper and cut out as many as you need to cover your item.
      • Paint the whole area with white paint 1(Cotton Tail). This is the base to which the paper lips will stick.
      • Using water, stick the lips in a random pattern to the white paint. Press down to ensure a close contact. Do not rub the paper
      • Paint over the paper and cover the whole item in three layers of 15 (Pink-a-Boo).
      • Using a pin, peel off the lips.
      • Paint in the lips in 10 (Candy Apple Red), leaving a gap in between each lip for the teeth and shadow.
      • Add a shadow inside the mouth using 12 (Cinnamon Stix).
Suggested bisque include plates, cups, letters  and pots.  This design would also work well on a kitsch plant pot.