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Mexican Cactus


This design is captures the hues of the mountain ranges in warmer climates. Adding the flicking gives it a more rustic feel and would work in many different colour combinations.

For this example, we’ve used:

2 – Cashew Later
3 – Rawhide
8 – Orange-a-Peel
12 – Cinnamon Stix
31 – Just Froggy
25 – Teal next Time

  • First draw out the ground, first mountain range and large range to create the shapes of the background. Use a felt tipped pen. This ink does not survive the heat of the kiln and will burn away.
  • You’ll also need to draw a cactus where you want it positioned.
  • Using 12 (Cinnamon Stix), paint the ground in three layers. Next paint 8 (Orange-a-Peel) into the first mountain range, taking care to paint around the cactus shape.
  • Do the same for the larger mountain range in 3 (Cashew Later).
  • Finally use 2 (Rawhide) to paint the sky area.
  • The cactus is painted using 31 (Just Froggy). Add shadow to each of the limbs of the cactus using 25 (Teal next Time).
  • Finally use a toothbrush and flick all the colours except 31 and 25 to the piece.
Suggested bisque include tableware such as espresso cups and square plates.